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Meet Amy

Creator of Clear Channel Yoga

Thank you so much for being here. Clear Channel Yoga has been years in the making. It is a culmination of my studies in yoga, meditation, breath work, cosmic sexuality, shadow work + integration and more. 

I am a certified yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of teaching, professional trained breathwork and cosmic sexuality facilitator. I am also a professionally trained astrology offerings daily, weekly and monthly energy updates as well as personal readings.


I am a huge advocate for personal sovereignty and believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves. I am sensitive to those with trauma and strive to help my clients tap into their power and reclaim their sovereignty. I have studied with Anodea Judith, Kaia Ra, John Paul Crimi, Annie Botticelli, and Caroline Myss to name a few.

I offer 1:1  sessions, virtual weekly breathwork and yoga classe, astrology readings as well as in person retreats.


How Can We Help?

what's your focus?


Learn the blueprint of your soul in unique nodal and natal chart readings. Astrology is an ancient science with a bit of intuition that offers much insight into our lives; past, present and future.

Shadow work & Integration

In shadow work we peel back the layers of our psyche to reveal hidden aspects of ourselves, learn from them and in turn take our power back.

Heal yourself, join others and help to usher in the New Earth now!

Sacred Sexuality

Is a powerful and ancient practice of sacred union between the divine feminine and masculine energies within all of us. We master this within ourselves, then, within a partnership if so desired.

When intention and directed breathing are combined, we give ourselves the opportunity to create space within ourselves and create  lasting and healing impact.


Tune into your unique frequency

through your body and breath to

become a true portal of love and unity consciousness.

Call in the New Earth


"Thank you so much for spending time with us guiding us through the yoga and workshops. It was an amazing experience and I believe it will help me start the year on the right path." 

— CM

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