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Clear Channel Yoga is a fusion of rhythmic and serpent-like yoga movements, breathwork and meditation. It is a comprehensive vinyasa style practice that is aimed to help strengthen and stretch the body + create spinal mobility on a physical level. Energetically, the practice helps to release stagnant energy and allows for us tap into our sacred knowledge via intuition. By doing so we create a clear channel within ourselves in which to connect to our Higher Self.

In CCY classes the breath is linked to each movement. So, within each movement there is a new opportunity for us to energetically bridge our body, mind & spirit. When this trinity is activated we become Sacred Movement Channels. It is a practice that is unique to the practitioner. One of shadow and light to clear what holds us back and in turn channel our innate wisdom within. 

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Amy was born and raised in Montauk, New York. She walks the spiral path of the Beauty Way and has devoted her life to teaching people to activate their own unique radiant selves .She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yatra Yoga in Nicaragua and is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT and YACEP.   In October 2014 she was named lululemon athletica East Hampton's Instructor of the Month. She is a former advanced Buti yoga and Deep instructor as well.

Her powerful yet lighthearted and breath-focused yoga classes focus on the connection of body, mind and breath through asana, yogic philosophy, pranayama, and meditation. The theme of energetics is deeply woven into her teachings. Amy believes that there is an important balance to one's yoga practice that includes discipline yet remaining light, open and playful. She aims to help students find that balance in her classes. Amy's goal is to share her love of yoga and to help lead her students to be their most authentic, highest selves.

Amy is Reiki certified through East End Reiki and Lauren Matzen and has studied Chakra Therapy with the world renowned Anodea Judith. She a two time Initiate in Priestesses of the Moon led by Achintya Devi. In January of 2017 Amy graduated as an Initiate in the Sophia Code Curriculum 2017 led by Kaia Ra. 

In private healing sessions, Amy is completely committed to assisting clients' transformation. Through both light work and shadow work alike, energy will be transmuted to reveal your true and radiant self, that is known as your Higher Self aka your Inner Guru.


Group and Private Sessions

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Amy is a wonderful influence in my life. She has taught me so much on and off the mat and has helped immensely with developing my inner strength. Most importantly, she has guided me to listen to my Higher Self and trust my instincts. Her Vinyasa, Buti and Meditation classes are packed with Mindfulness, Intention and Love. Every time I am around her I feel my (and others) vibration rise.

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