Find stillness through intention.

DESCRIPTION: This is a 4-week course to help initiate and develop a sustainable meditation practice for a life of balance, happiness and inner peace.

WHY DO THIS COURSE: This course is structured to help you establish and integrate a meditation practice into your daily life. You will experience a variety of types of guided meditation to help find the style that fits you best. We start at short time intervals and work our way up to a manageable 10 minute daily practice by the end of the program.  

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: Anyone and everyone interested in meditation. This course was designed with the beginner in mind and will help you build a meditation practice from the ground up. No experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and a bit of self discipline. No self discipline? No problem, it can be learned, promise.

HOW DOES THE PROGRAM FLOW: There is an initial 90 minute lecture to start things off.  The remainder of the course will be within a private Facebook group made specifically for attendees. In the group members will be provided with weekly meditations that increase in length with each week. Longer 20 minute guided meditations will be provided once a week to listen to at your leisure. By the end of the course you will have the means for a consistent 10 minute daily meditation practice. You will have access to nearly two hours of guided meditation to listen to whenever and where ever you'd like.

WHEN: Our course starts September 9th and ends on 10/07

INVESTMENT: It is $44.44 for the four week long program. 














Week 1:  90 minute lecture + one 4 minute meditation

Week 2:  6 minute meditation  

Week 3:  8 minute meditation 

Week 4:  10 minute meditation + closing discussion

Every week there will be a new 20 minute long guided meditation for you to become familiar with different styles of guided meditation.

There will be daily check ins within the FB group as well as the actual meditations. You are welcome to be as active within the group as you'd like, or not. Either way is perfect. All meditations will be left up on the group board for you to do at your leisure. Meditate anytime of day or night that best suites your lifestyle. 

Not on FB? Not a problem. All content will be emailed as well. Expect about three emails a week. 

A note from Amy, your meditation guide:

The day I decided to learn to meditate is the day my whole life changed and the wild thing is I had absolutely no idea. I used to suffer from depression, severe anxiety and substance abuse. I was desperate for a change and deeply wanted to find stillness within myself. Over 10 years later and I am happy to say I live with daily inner peace and have the coping skills (via meditation) necessary to handle life's unavoidable stress. 

It is said that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. I believe the key to success is consistency and that is why I have designed this program with a daily practice in mind. It is far better to do daily shorter in length meditations than one longer one, once a week. By meditating everyday you will create a new, healthy habit. 

This program was made with intention, attention to detail and is infused with peace and love.

May you find peace within your inner sanctuary through the practice of meditation.




  • The science behind meditation

  • Setting intentions

  • Conscience breathing

  • Becoming the observer

  • The chakra system

  • Grounding techniques

  • Tips for a lasting practice

  • and much more!


  • Printable ebook

  • Private F.B. accountability group

  • One-on-one support via email and/or messenger

  • 90 minute lecture

  • Printable meditation tracker

  • Daily meditations and inspiration

  • Nearly 2 hours of guided meditations