1. I realize that breathwork and/or yoga (movement)  with Clear Channel Yoga is a powerful experiential tool for accessing my own inner healing and can greatly intensify my transformational process. I understand and voluntarily engage in the practice or breathwork and/or movement (yoga) knowing the potential risks involved. Through the process of deep core guided breathing, music and/or movement (yoga) I will embark on a healing journey. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, I have been advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, recent surgery, pregnancy, or psychosomatic, mental health, other physical limitations, or emotional problems.

  2. I hereby acknowledge that I have no physical, mental or emotional conditions that would prevent me from participating in breathwork and/or movement (yoga). I have fully disclosed my physical, emotional or mental background to the staff at Clear Channel Yoga prior to my participation in the process. I realize that the staff, assistants, agents and/or volunteers of Clear Channel Yoga are here only as a guide to my process, and none of the staff, assistants, agents and/or volunteers are here to replace any form of traditional mental or physical health treatment or spiritual modalities.

  3. I voluntarily participate in the breathwork and/yoga process and I release and hold Clear Channel Yoga, including members of the staff individually and any assistants, agents and/or volunteers for any and all acts or omissions which may be grounds for legal action, including but not limited to acts or omissions which may constitute ordinary negligence. I am aware that this practice may bring up strong emotional and/or physical feelings. I accept full responsibility for my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

  4. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against Clear Channel Yoga and its instructors.

  5. Any intuitive consultations are for the purpose of a more cohesive spiritual understanding, education and entertainment purposes.

  6. Information provided by Clear Channel Yoga should not be relied upon as a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that I would normally receive from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or financial adviser.

  7. I agree that Clear Channel Yoga and any other person or party involved in or providing services, shall not be liable to you for any act or failure to act that you may decide because of information provided to me in-person or via telephonic, electronic, or other means.

  8. In no event will Clear Channel Yoga, partners or employees be liable to any party for any damages of any kind whatsoever, including consequential damages, arising from any use of or inability to use the services, or decision made or action taken in reliance upon such services.

  9. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement. I am signing this agreement voluntarily and recognize that my information below serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law in the State of New York.