March 2021 Energy Forecast

We are coming out of a massive month of triggers and potential transformation as we make our way into March. February (and January) were highly potent months full of opportunities to release and realign ourselves to our true soul path. It was like a constant school in which we were given the choice to level up, crumble to or completely ignore the challenges we faced, stay cemented in our ways of thought and being OR get real honest with ourselves and choose to SOAR! There was a hurry up and wait energy as well with much of February had Mercury rx. It was like transform now but go really, really slow to make sure it sticks.

Did you fight the energy or did you heed the call of transmution and transformation? Were you able to take time to rest and recalibrate your system?

We continue our journey through Pisces season for the better part of the month. With it, heightened emotions, intuition and empathy. After everything we have been through there may be the desire to check out of reality. Steer clear of harmful substances and instead seek out meditation, communing with nature, creating art, writing, etc.

The cosmic energies are still a bit... volatile at times, as we are still in the shadow of the first of three squares between Saturn and Uranus. This energy is going to be felt in varying degrees throughout the year. The next exact square is on June 14th and the last, December 24th. We can either fight with all of our might with this energy or embrace it fully, as the brave spiritual warriors we truly are. It can feel unnerving but this energy is ultimately to get us to put a stop to complacency, level up and embody our sovereignty.

Amidst the chaos, we find ourselves in a beautiful space to expand. The possibilities are truly endless yet it is up to each of us to make the choice to take the reigns of our lives and go after our dreams.

The first three weeks of the month can be used to sludge off that which needs to be released, like an exfoliation of the skin. We then find ourselves at the Spring Equinox on 03/20 and the Zodiac New Year as we make our way into Aries season!! It’s a time to begin again so to speak. A hopeful time within which your dreams of life are more fully attainable. Of course, this will ‘hit’ different for everyone and their very unique charts but the possibilities are there.

We have this wonderful opportunity where there are no personal planets (Mars, Mercury, Venus) in retrograde for nearly 8 weeks!! Plant the seeds in which you wish to see grow within your life and in the collective. This is an extended time that is amazing for new relationships, new launches, new contracts, new commitments, etc. It’s literally Go Time.

*Mercury officially becomes RX again on 05/30.

March is truly a month of new beginnings. Hope resides here with real possibility of wish fulfillment...but you've got to put in the work. What do you want to achieve? What does your life look like when you daydream? You CAN make it happen. Start within, make small steps and you will eventually get there but you must begin.

On 03/03 Mars enters Gemini. With this shift in energy the focus will be towards thought processes concerning how we can gain forward motion to get ahead. Mars wants to move, and Gemini, the thinker, will figure out the way. Keep on eye out for hotheadedness as we may be prone to overthinking and irratation if things don’t move along how we want them too.

The following day Mercury and Jupiter meet in Aquarius which is a complimentary transit to Mars in Gemini. Opportunities for expansion abound, we just need to be sure to not just think them but actually make moves them to get things going.

On 03/10 the Sun and Neptune join in Pisces making things highly psychic and a tendency to make things murky. Remember, Neptune is Pisces’s ruling planet so all things relating to the sign will be felt on a supersonic level - intuition, sensitivity, highly emotional, creativity will be off the charts and I am giving a fair warning that during this time we may really want to check out from reality.

Just a few days later on the 13th we have a New Moon in Pisces. This is a really great time to initiate and work on creative projects. It is a harmonious time in which to decide and move forward with how we want to feel, now, on a daily basis and in the future. Go with what makes you feel best and lights you up. We do not need to suffer, not by any means

On the 15th Mercury enters Pisces and our intuition continues to be heightened to maximum levels. We are to pay special attention to our dream state during this time as we may be receiving important messages. Communications may be murky at this time. Allow yourself to daydream but it’d be a good idea to stay on task with to-do lists.

Aries Season begins on the 20th, the Zodiac New Year has arrived! Happy Solar return to all my fellow Aries out there. This marks a time to move forward with projects, starting with yourself. It is a really beautiful and hopeful time that is ripe with opportunity. Happy Spring Equinox to all!! A day plant seeds for the future.

03/21 Venus enters Aries on the 21st and brings with it an exciting time of enthusiasm and passion. It has a tendency to be a highly charged time for sexuality although there will be a bit of independent spirit in there as well.. It’s a take charge time - what ways do you wish to bring more beauty into your life? Venus in Aries can help.

03/26 Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries, also known as the Venus Star Point. This is a powerful day when we are able to step up and be the leader in our own lives. Strength of spirit is strengthened. Again I ask, what do you want to accomplish?

03/28 Full Moon in Libra On the 28th we have a full moon in Libra. With it comes the gift of balance. There are lots of opportunities for forward momentum this month but it is crucial to forge ahead in a balanced type of way. This goes for our personal lives and collectively. We will be given the Libran insight to see all sides of the story and release any preconceived notions we may have had that serve no-one. Truly a day to release the bullshit.

This month, we are being given the gift to level up in a really big way. Will you heed the call? There is so much support from the cosmos, universe and beyond. Many times what holding us back is not something external but the constructs of our own minds. Yes, we all have unique circumstances, some of which may not be changed so easily but we absolutely do have the power to change our lives. Personally speaking, ways in which I have been able to make shifts in my life were through deep shadow work and inner child healing, mantra, meditation and movement.

I highly suggest suggest checking out Dr. Nicole Lepera aka the Holistic Psychologist

And the powerful book, The Presence Process by Michael Brown. Check that out here .

Sometimes we forget that we are radiant beings of light in human form. I believe that coming to earth to remember just that, is part of the plan. I hope you choose to shine for all the world to see, not just this month but always.

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I am sending you so much love!! Xx, Amy

Key Dates

03/03 Mars enters Gemini

03/04 Mercury conjunct Jupiter

03/10 Sun and Neptune conjunct in Pisces

03/13 Venus conjunct Neptune

03/13 New Moon in Pisces

03/15 Mercury enters Pisces

03/20 Sun enters Aries

03/20 Spring Equinox

03/21 Venus enters Aries

03/26 Venus star point in Aries

03/28 Full Moon in Libra

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