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December 20, 2018

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January 24, 2019


Is it just me or are the energies intense af lately?  It seems like they have been getting steadily more intense as time goes on. I am usually good at shielding myself from the news but lately I've been subjected to it more than I care to admit. Now - I am so not going to get into politics right now but I will say this - watching the news is just not good for you. Straight up. I honestly feel that it is a form of government brainwashing used to instill fear into the general population. Fear that causes anxiety, abuse, crime and god(dess) knows what else.




So, I recently found myself under psychic attack. I am not talking about typical run of the mill someone draining my energy type sh*t. I am talking about being awoken in the middle of the night with the most intense and gross feeling energy pushing down on my chest making me unable to breathe. This was the result of me not protecting my energy properly. I was actively and definitely unconsciously allowing it into my energetic space and it took up residence. I became super negative and whiny. At times, straight up angry and mean. It started to show as random aches and pains in my body. Until it got so bad, I literally got attacked in my weakened state. It was not cool. At all.


You see, I know how to protect myself but I am (was) really not the best at putting the methods into a daily practice. I learned my lesson the hard way. The good news is, you don't have to.  And please just let me say that I am not trying to freak anyone out and say that something like this will happen to you. Most likely it won't but in any event, I want to share some ways to keep your energetic space yours. Throughout just one day we come into contact many different types of energy including people, places, things, advertising shoved into faces along with television, radio and of course the collective consciousness. If we are not cognizant of it, energy can become attached to us and it will start to drain us. Have you ever had a conversation with someone that just complained the entire time and afterwards you felt gross and needed a nap? Yep, energetic vampire. It does sound kinda

 mean but it's true. They most likely don't even realize they are doing but I bet they felt better after they unloaded their stuff on you. Full disclaimer... I have 100% done this to people many times before. I recently made a pact with myself to stop complaining, out loud and in my thoughts as well. I hereby lovingly send back any and all energy I zapped from people. It is super hard to not fall into complaining but I am already seeing the benefits of it. It's not about being all la-di-dah 24/7 - yes, shit happens but there really is no use in dwelling on it. Like attracts like. Either change what you can or except it and move on.


I digress...



Grounding and the Golden Egg of Protection


First things first, in the morning it is mega important to do a grounding practice immediately followed by a Golden Egg of Protection meditation.  This does not have to take a long time. Simply sit quietly and focus on your breath. Set the intention to ground your energy and create a protective energetic space. Take three big breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Bring your attention down to your sit bones and imagine yourself growing roots into the Earth. Picture an orb rotating clockwise deep within the Earth. Continue to carry that energy up your body, allowing it to consciously pass through each chakra until you reach your Crown. Envision it as a pillar of light going up your body and allow Gaia's healing energy to flow within and through you. You can spend as much or as little time doing this practice. It's not a race but in the same sense you do not have to spend 10 minutes at each vortex. Once at your Sahasrara (Crown) continue to bring that up to your Soul Star chakra, above your head. (Your choice to involve dimensions. I will discuss this at a later date. I'm not trying to go down the rabbit hole too trying to get too far with you just yet.)  Continue to pull the energy up and then cascade it down and around you in the shape of a golden egg. State out loud that you are creating this golden egg of protection and that only love and light is permitted to enter your field. State that you will only emit love and light, and if needed, you will release lower energies to be transmuted.  Please know that it's importance to use your own words for this. It's important to make this practice yours. If you don't feel comfortable with yet it's cool, with practice you will be. 



Cord Cutting


I like to incorporate cord cutting into my daily grounding and golden egg practice but this can be done at anytime, anywhere.  As we know, people, places and things' energy can become attached to us.  In this exercise we remove these "cords" from others through visualization. To begin, get still. If possible, sit down and close your eyes. Begin to focus on your breath and begin to clear your mind. State, either to yourself or out loud that you hereby declare that all energy not belonging to you leaves your body and energetic field. Let it be known that any energy that is not of the highest good, be gone. Mentally scan your body and focus on areas that call out to you and go from there. Visualize the energy leaving your field and make sure to pull it out by the root.  As it begins to leave your body, bid it farewell and ask that it is transmuted into light. You do not want to be responsible for putting dark energy back into the collective consciousness regardless of whether it was yours to begin with or not. Also - super important to call back your energy that may have been siphoned from you. When you call it back, make sure that you state it is for your highest good and if not, it's not for you.


Like I said before, this can be done at anytime but I highly suggest taking protective measures before you do so. Calling in a guide or angel wouldn't hurt either. Sometimes are in a situation where you come across someone that latches on to you straight away and you need that shiz to begone with a quickness.  Use your judgement.



From the Earth


Sage:  Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest forms of cleansing, be it a person, a group of people or a place. Sage is sacred medicine It comes from the Latin word "Salvia" meaning to heal. Typically it is gathered in dried bundles and lit on fire although there is incense forms available as well. White sage is the most common but there are other varieties available too. It's got a bit of a heady smell to it. 


Palo Santo: Palo Santo translates into "Holy Wood" and can be found growing in South America. It is harvested from dead trees and fallen branches. It is strong medicine to clearing energy, uplifts mood and aids in meditation. Palo santo has a bit of a citrus scent to it. It is my personal favorite to work with. 


Sweet Grass: Considered to be a sacred plant with Native American indigenous people as is sage, sweet grass is braided and dried prior to burning. It is used for smudging and clearing and has a vanilla-like aroma. 


Using all of these it is important to set an intention and go from there. Again, this can be a very simple thing you do or it can be more drawn out. For the sake of this specific blog, let's keep it simple. Have everything ready -  palo santo for example as well as a lighter and something to put it out in. I prefer to use a thick shell that holds special meaning to me. Once you have that together, close your eyes and tune into your breath. Set your intention and begin. This is a very personal thing. For myself, I like to call in the powers of North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. I swirl the smoke around my body in each direction saying "I cleanse from the North", etc and then, if I am smudging my house for example, I will start at the front door and go all the way around until I make it back to my front door leaving no corner unturned. I end by thanking the palo santo for it's assistance and put it out. Voila!


To purchase please visit







Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone that is commonly used for protection during shamanic ritual work. It is said to link the earthly body and the spirit and is great for meditation and healing. This is a powerful stone that will protect you from complainers, energetic vampires, mischievous spirits, etc. It is also recommended to use it to combat radiation associated with cell phones and computers. Ideally I carry a piece of black tourmaline in my pocket to keep away the bad juju. 



Selenite is a beautiful stone that is used for purification and various types of energetic healing. This crystal has a very high vibration and can be used to protect homes from outside influences. It is used to detach entities from the aura and things influencing the mind. I use these for meditation and home protection. 



Smoky Quartz is a power stone. It is said to relieve stress and anxiety. It filters out negative thoughts and shields against gossip, hostility and resentment from others. It is also great for manifestation as well as quitting smoking and detoxifying the body. 





These are my top three crystals for protection but there are so many out there!! Another favorite is Jet, so check that one out too. There are dozens of ways to use crystals, anything from scrying, grids, elixirs, etc. 


Check out an amazing selection of crystals at  Auramore on Etsy here.



I encourage you to really get out there and find what works for you. There is so much out there to learn from and explore. This really is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember to always set an intention and protect yo self!




Much love, light and sass, 


Amy Lee



P.S. What ways do you protect your energy? I am truly curious so please comment below!








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