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December 20, 2018

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Gaia Sophia and the Flesh of the Earth

February 13, 2019


I heard it clear as day... "Wash with dirt." Wait, what?


When you hear the word dirt what do you think of? Something dirty? Not clean? We are scolded for getting things dirty. But let's think about dirt literally as the dirt of the Earth. Dirt as in the body of Gaia Sophia , our Divine Mother that we currently inhabit. She is a living, breathing and beautiful organism comprised of many universes within universes. Can you feel her pulse? Are you in tune with her rhythms? Do you sense it in the grass underneath your feet? Or the feel of water on your skin when you take a shower?


So many times we take for granted the flesh of the Earth and how it supports us, always. If you noticed a speck of dirt on your face, would you brush it off? Most likely. But in that piece of dirt there is an entire universe unto itself existing alongside all of Earth's inhabitants as well. It's such a trip to think about. Much like how we get wrapped up in our own lives, the outside world seems unimportant at times. It can be seen in people with "important" jobs. They seem to have trouble relating to others in the sense that they are stunned by their insignificance outside of their own personal universe. It stings and they lash out. [To be clear everyone is important, every single one of us. Peace & love.]


What there is a lack of is compassion, caring, kindness. Empathy. Compassion does not mean sugar coating. It means being kind yet honest. Honestly kind. Direct without intentionally causing harm. Satya, is one of the five yamas in yogic philosophy that means truth. Further, it means being truthful in thoughts, words and actions. Together with ahimsa, another yama that equates to non-harming we find honest compassion.


How momentous is Gaia Sophia's task? Does she not have the most important one? Does she not have the patience of a saint, the truest Earth angel? THE Earth Angel.  Wait, do we live within an Angel?! Floating around in space? Whoa. But for real.. careful for her vengeance when the compassion is lost on her. For she is living and breathing, pulsating, shifting, contracting, growing always in a constant state of flow. Yet our true job, to be loving, caring, kind for all we need some work. I am trying. Are you? The time is truly now.


Despite the general (but quickly changing!) disregard for her well being, Gaia Sophia  continues on absorbing and transmuting for us. The pain of the world's inhabitants... the history, the tales, the trauma, and heartbreak. And the pain of complete lack of empathy for her. And still, she prevails. For even though she does not get a break, her love and radiance continue. She of service, an exquisite hologram of Source herself. 


Imagine the sensation of the Sun on your face for a moment. After a long Winter, finally a beautiful Spring day is upon you. Imagine the feeling of that sunshine. Do you not think about the Sun in relation to how it shines on her? Those golden rays bring new energy to and nourish the Earth. She absorbs that energy constantly. She absorbs our energy constantly as well. As the Sun gives you life, it gives Sophia life as well. The plants, trees, ocean, animals, insects and humans, all thriving from the solar rays. And what not of the light workers that work in conjunction to transmute the heavy energies of 3d? Everyday, every moment we are working to elevate the vibration on this planet. We have worked to get it to a tipping point of 51% and here we are. At the Age of Aquarius. There is no going back now, only forward. Are you coming with me?


This is a wake up call! What is your relationship to our beautiful planet Earth? If you are not sure how to answer, now is the time to nourish this relationship. It is symbiotic in nature but we are so similar in that we are both aspects of Source. So maybe it is not symbiotic at all. What do you think? Regardless, good news is that we can live our lives as a living prayer.


With intention, every action we make becomes a blessing. Get outside. Breath in the fresh air. Ditch your shoes and put your feet in the soil. Take a big inhale and as you do, visualize yourself bringing Gaia's healing energy into your body and energetic field. As you exhale, release anything that needs to be let go of. And it's OK to do that. Yes, Earth has been through so much but at the same time, she is willing to transmute for you. Allow her to do this. As you will see, it is better to transmute something and transform it into light than to carry it around with you forever for if not this energy will continue to grow heavier, weighing you as well as Earth down. When we walk in the Beauty Way, everything is a blessing and best intentions are done naturally. If releasing energies is done with love and respect, so be in it. In turn, thank Sophia Gaia and bless her. We are all in this together. Everything and everyone, is one. 


So wash yourself with dirt. Put it on your hands and rub it in your face. All over! Literally and energetically. Allow yourself to be blessed.


We can heal with Gaia Sophia and raise the collective vibration. T O G E T H E R.




A Prayer.


Gaia Sophia,

I join you in transmuting the dark,

So I may walk with only light upon you.

With our divine and sacred heartbeat,

we move as one.


With Love and Light,



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