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December 20, 2018

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Inner Child Work, Channeling Inner Earth & the Council of the New Earth: Activate

March 21, 2019





Hello Beauties. I hope this reaches you all well and in good health. I have spent this Winter focusing on releasing trauma, healing and meditation in depth. I have serious issues with procrastination so this is a big thing for me, what can I say?



I have been attempting to further open my third eye and activate my crown chakra in order to strengthen my connection to my Higher Self. To me, my Higher Self is an aspect of myself that is felt. It is the whispers of inner guidance and the knot in my stomach when I know something is not right. Or the flutter in my heart when my soul is saying yes! For many years I assumed my HS existed above me, in a higher realm or dimension. I think that while this is true, it is also true that one's Higher Self is part of each person's energetic make up, or aura. To fully embody it takes discipline but is completely possible. I feel truly integrated with mine and visualize it as a part of my daily self.  Connected at the heart with angel wings coming out of and beyond my arms and a halo of floating butterflies and roses to be exact. Why not?


The Oversoul is another story. Yes, our Oversouls are part of us but they also exist outside of us as they oversee several lifetimes at once. I am talking groups of souls. A soul family if you will.



After disciplining myself with my meditation practice, I just expected my third eye to blast wide open. Ha! I really should have known better. The more annoyed I got the longer it stayed vibrating on a lower functioning level. I mean, yes I was growing stronger but at a very slow rate. I was able to channel bits and pieces but there was no control over it. Maybe control is not the right word perhaps I mean to get a handle on it.



Anyways, simultaneously I have been doing sound healing with Tom Kenyon, the Hathors and Mary Magdalene to help balance my masculine and feminine energies. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I implore you to check him out here. I have also chosen to mentor with Ascended Masters Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in unison. I never thought this would happen yet here I am. Life is so full of surprises when you open yourself up and allow yourself to become vulnerable.



Still, a block persisted. And it wasn't until I did a session of Inner Child work that I had a huge epiphany about a major issue that was holding me back. Inner Child work has the ability be a huge help and lift blockages that have been held on to for years, decades, a whole lifetime. We all have our Inner Child living within us. They dictate many things; what decisions we make, our fears, our reactions to things, basically how we relate to life in a very root chakra and primal way. As a child we hold on to memories and experiences starting at a very young age on a subconscious level. Our experiences shape how we react to things in the future, sometimes for many years to come if not properly dealt with (shadow work).



As Caroline Myss says, "Our biography create our biology." So, we must go in, deep down and get to where it all began. We must let our Inner Child know that they are safe. It's a bit more involved than I am writing about but that is the gist of it. 



After completing the meditation I realized that I was subconsciously blocking my third eye. For some reason as a child (with Virgo rising) I felt the need to very rigidly visualize how things would be in the future. I am talking anything, like what an inside of a store I'd never been to would look like or a house or my future as a marine biologist (never happened). Or what someone would say or how they would react. I created a defense mechanism because I was living in an erratic environment. I never knew what kind of actions and/or words would set off certain people. My visualizations helped me to feel in control and safe. Hence, I created safety within my mind but literally cut myself off  from my psychic abilities (moon in Pisces) for my entire life.


Until this week. Now it is on another level.



Which brings me to channeling...



For me, I took channeling with a grain of salt. Yes, I was a believer but I was kind of...leery of all of these people out there claiming to be channeling a group (think Pleiadians) or a specific Being (think Kryon- just an example because I love him. Check him out here)  There's just so many channelers out there. Discernment is key with everything in life and most certainly with this.  So I focused 100% on connecting with my Higher Self. I felt most genuine doing this and for a long time felt this was the best thing for me. But like I said...I had had trouble due to this because of the self inflicted block from my subconscious.



Once I released that, I almost immediately connected with a group I had met during a shamanic journey I experienced with an amazing Galactic Shaman named Andye Murphy 



Something I realized afterwards was that I AM channeling my Higher Self because my Higher Self is part of the Council and the other beings are aspects of my Over Soul. The same goes for the people out there who channel similar information. We family, baby!



So this group presented themselves as feminine energy in a council.  We were in the Inner Earth yet were Star Beings. I walked into a meeting in which they had been awaiting my arrival. We spoke a bit and could not seem to agree on something about  how to move forward with the activation of Gaia Sophia. Looking back now, I was just not ready for what my task was.  It's funny because in the following session I had with Andye that year, her guides had her stop the session abruptly. I was told that I needed to figure out what was to come next, on my own. And ooooh let me tell you that really drove me nuts. I wanted to be given the answers and not have to work for it. Again, ha! This was about two years ago. Now, fast forward and here I was again, in the same hall with the same beings.  And this time I am ready for what they have to say.



Essentially, the Inner Earth is majorly assisting in turning our 3D Earth into the New Earth. The Inner Earth IS the New Earth that is ascending to the surface.



I was shown that I had been viewing the process to ascend to New Earth in a very limited way. We have all come to this planet as starbeings from all over the universe. We come here to clear karma and to learn. It is like school for us. Some of us come here as starseeds to help the inhabitants of the Earth "wake up". We are seeded here to help in the ascension process. If you are reading this there is a very good chance that you are one yourself. At the end of the day, we are here on Earth to learn not to blast off to another star cluster. Even though that can be quite some fun. Ahem, astral projection. I digress...



Without further adieu, The Council of the New Earth.





Activate with Gaia Sophia 3.16.19

We are finalizing the connection of the Inner Earth soon to be brought to the surface as the New Earth.


I, Amy, am part of the Council of the New Earth, residing in the Inner Earth helping you to evolve and ascend. 


This council appears as all female yet they wish to tell you they are choosing to appear as accentuate their feminine energy but they are equally masculine energy as well. 



"Let us begin!


Ground your feet into the Earth, on the grass, into the sand, you must connect back into nature. You are being poisoned as you stare at your screens. We implore you to connect back to nature. Mama Gaia. To the animals, plants and elements.


Immerse yourselves in water. Get back to the land. Gaia Sophia has been the key you have been searching for all along. 


What is the choice? It's your choice.


Make the choice. Make the choice.  It is the choice of no choice.


Alarms sound. Can you hear them?


Get away from the TVs. Bury your feet in the sand. Lay in the dirt . Cleanse yourself with the dirt. We've told you this before. Women, bring your DNA into the soil. 


Connect. Connect with each other. Band together. How else can we say it? We say this with love. 


The sounds of the birds.  These are the messages you seek . They carry DNA activations. Listen. Absorb it. Clear your mind. Free yourself of any prejudgments.


All of the senses... They are messages. Touch, smell, see, taste, hear and feel. They carry DNA activations. Use discernment. You know what is for the the benefit and what is not. The more your tune in , the better this skill becomes. It is all a part of the process. Absorb it.


The opportunities are everywhere. They are in every breath you take. The Earth is a living and breathing transmission of ascension.


It is your choice, activate or DEactivate. Which one will you choose?


Every sound in nature is an activation. We cannot stress this enough, The waves, the wind, the water, the birds, the dog barking. Open your eyes. Everything aids you when you immerse yourself into nature. It is not sitting ,staring at a screen.



It is you. It is nature. Begin. NOW. PLEASE!


The Sun. The SUN, an activator unto itself. Let it absorb into your skin. Feel it bless you. Remember in every moment you are being blessed by the Sun. Allow it to be. And bless it in return. Do you know you have the power to do so?


What is it that holds you back? What is it that urges you to seek power outside of yourself?


You yourself are OF the Earth. You ARE Gaia Sophia. It is time to realize this and reintegrate yourself back into yourself.


And so it is.


Deactivate your phones and ACTIVATE!  The internet is a hologram of what actually is in your reality and always has been. The inter-web exists without computer technology.  It has existed always. The internet you know of is a simulation of the innate connection created by Gaia Sophia for your soul's development.  


Once you and your soul families are gathered, the simulated internet will become obsolete. Push through the fear of togetherness. Meet and gather. Meet and grow in strength. And then the internet will be no more. 


It will not be needed once you realize your power.


Our hearts act as portals.


Our power is love of the most high.


We are one.


This planet is not forever tainted. Please release that from your minds and hearts. How can she herself, the Creatrix of all, be bad? Do you consider yourself bad?


She is you, us, we.  


It is all your choice. Free will. Again, the choice of no choice.


Bring your focus to the center to the Earth.  The Inner Earth where fire burns bright.






And reopen the portals. Once again everything will be green, the color of Anahata.


Can you see it?


Can you feel it now?

The scales are tipping.


We implore you to realize how much power your thoughts have. 


We must flip. Flip the coin.


Both sides. All sides.


Winding as the serpent, together go up, in, out, and beyond.


Look within and in and in. The further you look the more will be revealed.


You must





Start as a child. A star child. Starseeded to this planet to aid in her ascension to crystalline. 


Your heart in nature is the key.



A Healing Transmission.


Connect with Gaia Sophia. Close your eyes and bring your roots into the Earth. You are grounded and you are safe. Imagine yourself in your mind's eye as you are presently. Begin to visualize yourself growing younger and younger and stop when you first felt unsafe as a child. 



What do you look like? How old are you? Where are you? What is happening? Who is around you? Be gentle with younger self as you look into their eyes. You share a smile as you recognize one another on a soul level. Slowly beckon for the child to come into your arms. Wrap that child around in your arms with a healing white light and let them know how safe they are.


Begin to envision the most beautiful place you could ever think of. Together, you will go to that place of beauty and healing.  Take three deep breaths in and out. Tell them that they are loved, they are safe and they no longer have to worry. Gently take your Inner Child's hand. As you both close your eyes, continue to visualize the most beautiful place on this planet. Together, take three deep breaths. When you are done, you find yourselves relocated there.


What does it look like? Are there plants and trees? Is the sun shining? Can you hear any wildlife? Take a moment and breathe in the fresh air and sit down on the ground. If you feel comfortable lay down still holding hands, and allow Gaia Sophia's healing energy to absorb any remaining feelings of unease. Allow nature to further heal and activate your Inner Child's DNA. Allow  your muscles to relax as the worry slowly leaves your bodies.


On the final exhale visualize any remaining trauma being released, absorbed and transmuted by Gaia Sophia. This here is the safest place in the world. A place that no matter what is going on, you can always come back to to calm down. With each inhale bring in Gaia's healing energy and with each exhale allow her to absorb and transmute your worries.


Allow the Earth to heal and comfort your weary bones. 


Becoming very still, taking in each and every aspect of this place and with the scrunch of an eye, take a mental picture of this beautiful and safe setting. You may come back to this place at any time to release worry, fear and stress. Take your Inner Child by the hand and walk them back to where you first met them. Hug them and tell them they are safe and they are never alone for you will always be there to protect them. And that special place you traveled is always there ready to heal infinitely. It is always in your hearts. Reinforce them with the healing white light and show them that your hearts are always connected.


Take three more deeps breaths. On the third exhale, slowly open your eyes. You just became a bit freer. Come back to this place whenever it is needed. 


Allow Gaia to activate you.


We are the Council of the New Earth.


Together we rise in Love.







With so much Love and Gratitude,






P.S. I will be offering a guided version of the above meditation on IG TV soon! 














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