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More thoughts on healing & healers. And a new self-empowering offering.

August 1, 2019



Self proclaimed healers. We all know one. Shit, maybe we ARE one. I was one. I had good intentions. I really did but good intentions only get you so far and let's be real, not everyone's got em. Nowadays anyone can pay Udemy “academy” $10 to get a healing certificate. Crystals, Reiki, chakras, etc. Or maybe just forget the certificate completely. If it doesn't really mean much what's the point anyways?  It takes mere minutes to create a healing profile on FB or IG with regurgitated content on it. And an afternoon to do a website quickly. The energetic healing industry is not regulated which has its pros and cons. Pros being who wants a corrupt govt overseeing the very industry that has power over them. (More on this's a big of a rabbit hole though, you feel me?)


The cons is that anyone can say they’re a healer. Literally anyone. For example, on IG I kept seeing this one account in my feed bc I follow the hashtag #lightworker. Now, right away I could feel weird energy from the account that I kept seeing so I would just scroll past. I began to see this person’s posts every single day to the point of me deciding to block her.I wasn't even reading her posts but something just irked me. Something was just off. I am super aware of what I take in on all levels (visually, audibly, energetically, etc) and you should be too. We have to be so careful, vigilant even, about it. I kinda sound like the fun police but I am saying it with love, ha!


I lived in NYC for my entire 20s. I had just started my yoga and healing journey towards the end of my time there. I was at a literal breaking point. I had a stressful job, I was self medicating to the point where I was ending up in the ER on multiple occasions. It got gnarly. More on this later. Anyways, I ended up moving back to where I grew up, Montauk, at the Eastern end of Long Island. When I moved back I became so incredibly aware that I was not being constantly bombarded with "stuff" in the form of advertising, noise, air pollution, massive amounts of people's energy, etc. Everything was just so much more quiet. At that point, I was pretty shocked to be leaving the city in the first place. I had never really wanted to leave once I moved there when I was 19 (except for my 6 month stint in Los Angeles). I could never even imagine myself moving from the very place I loved.  But a relationship called me back to my hometown. And, here I am 10 years later and I have a hard time imagining myself living back in NYC. I'm not sure that my nervous system could take it. But then again...I still crave it,sometimes. The point is that we are like energetic sponges that, if not taken the proper measures, can absorb others energies without even knowing it. If you''ve taken one of my yoga classes I can almost guarantee you have done an exercise to release this type of environmental energy. Here's the thing, there is social media pollution too. We have truly got to be mindful of our scrolling and what leaks into our subconsciousness. Imagine the end of the day, we could see a type of film with everything that we mindlessly scrolled through, every commercial and conversation, etc that we didn't even consciously register>?! Our poor brains and nervous systems, seriously. Ily babes.


Anyways...back to this IG spiritual influencer person that shall remain nameless.


Before I clicked to block, I read her most recent post. My intuition was validated. She claimed to be able to "clear a person’s chakras and energetic block"s in a mere 15 minutes.




15 minutes? Now that, my friends, is impressive...


I was talking to a friend about it and we agreed it was literally harmful. If someone wants their chakras and blocks “cleared” it’s not going to happen in 15 minutes. YES, people, “healers” do have the ability to clear someone’s energy. I know several supremely talented healers that have this ability. Some who have personally helped me tremendously. I didn’t write all this to knock anyone. Right after my first yoga training I studied reiki. I literally thought I could clear stuff at that point in my journey. I wanted to be able to so badly.To help people, yes. Was ego involved in it too? Yes. It kinda makes me cringe to say that but hey, that's shadow working for you. 


Someone referred to me as a healer not too long ago and I was sorta taken aback. After I decided reiki really wasn't for me I was content to sort of abandon the idea. I am not saying reiki is the end all be all on energetic healing, in fact I think it is far from it (no disrespect, there are just infinite & unique modalities out there). As far as I am concerned, I suppose I am a healer in the sense that I teach others ways to heal themselves through yoga, meditation and breath work. Am I going to claim to clear out all of someone's stuck energy for good? No effin way. 



What I am getting at is this. Seeing a healer is only going to get you so far. They will be able to guide you but you must do the inner work yourself to truly heal. There is absolutely no way around it. You will feel good for a bit but eventually your energetic and emotional state will revert to how you/it was operating before.


And anyone that claims to be able to heal you without giving you the tools to continue on the healing path yourself they are doing more harm than good,  in my own humble opinion. If they are doing all of the healing, they have the upper hand in that the client, you, will always come back for more sessions. You become dependent in more ways than one. This is the antithesis of healing.


Am I turning into a huge cynic or what? I felt that way a bit last night but then I am like...nah, I am just keeping things real. The longer my journey becomes, the more I find myself unlearning. Is it really possible for someone to clear ALL unwanted energy from a person's energetic body? In person, on Zoom? Do you think the energy goes away? What happens to it?


For me, I do think it is possible for someone as a healer to assist someone in removing stagnant energy, a block, or whatever you'd like to call it. But definitely not everyone has this ability, or at least they are not in tune with it.. I don't think that they can completely heal someone unless that person does the inner work they need to. I think it is imperative that people work through stuff they have been holding on to, a lot of times since childhood. In comes Inner Child work. It can through a variety of ways such as breath work or guided meditation, my two personal favorites. I look forward to offering IC meditations soon so be on the look out for those on IG, here and on my soon to be launched YouTube channel.



Also, becoming in tune with my intuition and getting acquainted with my higher self has been so key in my healing journey. Sure I have worked with healers, shamans,reiki masters, QHT practitioners etc that would help put me in touch with guides, past lives, star family etc which was an integral part of my journey but at the end of the day, what is more important than being true to yourself and really listening to and knowing yourself and what you need to heal and excel in life in general?


I offer a one on one session called 4-4-4 in which I teach people to tap into their inner knowing and channel their Higher selves. It is a technique that I have used to tap into the innate knowledge of my Higher Self and beyond. Since I have been practicing I have had a flurry of information come through me. Literally my second chakra, my svadisthana has been on fleek. Everything began to become super clear and all it took was intention, grounding, a still mind and my breath. I literally was on the tip of this epiphany for YEARS and it finally came to me while I was meditating one night this winter at my parents house in the middle of an epic dark night of the soul. Through doing this work I finally saw how I had been stifling my own intuition.  Life is funny like that.


It is something that is learned within one session. If more guidance is preferred and additional sessions are desired, that is cool too. My higher heart simply wants show people the tools that have worked for me. Some may resonant with it and others may not. And that is all good! I used to be in so much pain. And honestly, there are parts of me that still are, that I continue to face, work through and transmute. Healing is not linear, just like life is not. What works for me may may not work for everyone and that is just the way of the world. If you are feeling called and are curious about it you can reach me at and/or read more on my offerings page.


End thoughts... everyone really does have the ability to be a healer...their own and that is truly a beautiful thing.


Please tell me your thoughts on this in the comments section. I am truly interested on people's opinions on the healer situation. For me, I say be your own healer and be your own guru.  This is extremely empowering. Once you are empowered the world is yours love.




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