April 2021 Energy Forecast

New Paradigm coming in hot! Are you ready to create the world of your dreams?

In March we were given powerful opportunities to observe, shift and transform. Many things may have come up for us, I think that’s fair to say it happened for everyone and no one was unscathed so to speak. Yet, everyone’s experience was and always will be, highly unique especially in terms of the lens in which each soul experiences life via their natal charts, level of consciousness, trauma, even geography has an impact. It takes much bravery to look our lives in the eye so speak, and realize what needs to shift, what needs to be let go of and decide once and for all, just what we wanter lives to look and feel life. And then actually follow through with the intention. It will be of great benefit to carry the momentum from March into April.

As we step into April and deeper into Aries season, we are still given this opportunity in a very big way. Even though Spring Equinox has come and gone, the opportunity is still there yet we must choose to begin. I do believe that wherever we are at, is where we are meant to be in a present moment way. Yet - if we are not growing, are we truly living? We still have zero planets retrograde until 04/27 when Pluto begins to slow down, beginning its retrogradation. It will be of benefit to take advantage of this as far as initiating relationships, businesses, contracts, etc.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and ushers in the new astrological year. With it brings new energies we have never seen here before on this planet. Sometimes new can be a bit intimidating but it can also be so exciting. When we work with this energy and do not fight against it, and truly embrace what is being given to us, our worlds open up in a beautiful, way. We have a New Moon in Aries on the 11th to help us do just that.

We then move into Taurus season on 04/19 and I see this as a time to ground in the new energies we have received from Aries. How can we implement them into our lives, our homes, our bodies? How can we bring more beauty into our lives as this is what Taurus craves ~ a beautiful, calm, stable existence.

We begin to close out the month with a Full Moon in Leo on the 26th which will allow us to discard what no longer sets our hearts aflame.

At this time we are also preparing (whether we realize it or not) for Eclipse season, which starts next month on 05/26 with a Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius. The portal closes with a Solar Eclipse on 06/10 at 19 degrees Gemini. I will discuss this in more detail more next month as we get closer to the 26th.

On the 3rd Mercury enters Aries. It leaves the psychic sign of Pisces and into the initiative fire sign, the warrior ready to burst forth. Hopefully we have learned some lessons from the Pisces placement and carry its intuitive nature forward as it will do us good. Mercury in Aries gets things going yet we must contemplate our decisions before we forge ahead without really thinking things through.

On the 9th, Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces once again and clashes are likely to occur. Mars wants to act on ideas and Neptune is basically creating a hinderance. Perhaps we question our ideas, or feel blocked at this time. We may be unsure which way to turn. Whatever it is, it’s ultimately for the best and will pass.

Aries New Moon occurs on the 11th and will be quite powerful. It is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year in the first sign of the Zodiac. It is an extremely opportune time to set intentions, not just for this moon cycle but for the year ahead. I want to remind you again, that up until 04/27, we have zero planets retrograde making it a powerful time for manifestation. This will not happen again this year so I urge you to take advantage of it while you can.

What do you wish to create? Name it. Envision it. Call it in. It’s already yours.

A few days later on the 12th, we find ourselves amidst another square, this one being between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Immediately I feel a sense of restriction. Venus in Aries wants passion in all it does (love, money, beauty) yet requires freedom. It’s a necessity. This transit will make it abundantly clear where that freedom is lacking in our lives.

On the 14th Venus enters its home sign of Taurus. We will begin to pay special attention to our homes. We will crave beauty within them, luxury, delicious foods, all of the lovely things in life. Also, relationships, romance, love, beauty, all the wonderful things :) We may feel a bit...stubborn when it comes our partnerships and that's something to keep it mind. Hold out for the best, my loves.

Just two days later we have another Pluto transit. Can you sense that more change and transformation is afoot? On the 16th we have Sun square Pluto. This is dealing with who we are at our core, our identity. We may feel rocked by this so it’s important to ground to Mother Earth Gaia. Do you feel firm in who you are? Aries season is a powerful time to get clear on this and Taurus season will help to ground that in.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th! Welcome to the season of stability, beauty, all forms of luxury. Calm and peaceful yet stubborn, to a fault at times, and prone to outbursts of anger when provoked enough. Let us tap into Taurus’s grounding nature during this time to receive some much needed respite.

Mercury enters into Taurus on the 19th too! With it comes potential to be quite bull-headed in our means of communication. When working with Taurus energy in a positive way, we find ourselves speaking from a grounded and stable place. Our words and the way we communicate can still hold power while being kind.

On the 23rd Mars enters Cancer and things could get a bit weird as this placement is a bit...awkward-ish. At this time we may find our emotions ruling us. It’s imperative to tap into Mercury in Taurus energy at this time. It's best to not allow our emotions to get the best of it during this transit. In a positive note you may find the courage to express your emotions in a positive way at this time.

Saturn squares Venus and Mercury in the 25th which leads to more clashing of energies. We may feel repressed which leads to hopefully cultivating patience, which is, ultimately a win.

On the 26th we are blessed with a Full Moon in Leo. What self limiting beliefs are we willing to release? What no longer sets our hearts on Fire? Let it go!

Lastly, on the 27th Pluto in Capricorn begins its retrogradation. With it also comes potential feelings of repression, anger, distrust. It’s like enough is enough, the systems that bind… can quite frankly, fuck off already. Namaste.

April is to be a lovely and powerful month ripe with opportunities to sludge off any residual energies. We have the cosmic backing to manifest and create a life of beauty. So as we step into this month, things to help facilitate ease and grace would be to get clear in who you are, what you stand for, what makes your heart sing. Once you are clear, get firm in who you are and what you want. I say firm but not in unbending way, but one that is truly solid and secure.

There is much passion, beauty and opportunity within this month. There is also moments of anger and outburst, which, if handled properly, isn’t a bad thing at all. Outlets are an important part of integration.

We head into Eclipse season next month, and with it brings a massive portal for transformation. Let us prepare for that this month while staying present with each day we experience.

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Below are some highlights dates of extra importance for you to be aware of. Keep in mind these are just some! To stay more in tune to daily updates you're welcome to join my free Telegram group here, or for more support, Patreon! April is an active month

Key Dates

04/03 Mercury enters Aries

04/09 Mars square Neptune

04/11 New Moon in Aries + Venus square Pluto

04/14 Venus enters Taurus

04/16 Sun square Pluto

04/19 mercury enters Taurus

04/19 Sun enters Taurus

04/23 Mars enters cancer

04/25 Saturn square Venus + Mercury in Taurus

04/26 Full Moon Leo

04/27 Pluto begins retrogradation in cap

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