Conscious Breathwork

Breathwork is a healing modality that is simple in nature yet facilitates massive shifts in our lives if given the chance. You simply need a quiet space, an intention and to well, breathe consciously. Air and breathing is something we may take for granted at times, because well, life can be a bit distracting to say the least. Yet the healing powers of intentional breathing are beyond what many may realize. It is an inherently sacred practice.

I was first introduced to breathwork years ago when I was in the early stages of my healing journey. My first session had me hooked in the best way possible. Even though I was familiar with breathwork/pranayama as a yoga teacher, this technique was something new. At the end of the session my entire body was buzzing and I felt renewed, hopeful.

The technique I am referring to is called Conscious Circular breathing. I personally trained with John Paul Crimi and have studied the works of David Elliot, Stanislav Grof, Yogi Bhajan, BKS Iyengar and more.

I got my start teaching pranayama, the yogic equivalent of breath work in 2014 and slowly branched out to different types, as my greater awareness for the life altering power of the practice expanded. In 2018 I created my own style of breathwork called 4-4-4, which I will write about more in-depth in an upcoming blog.

For now, I’d like to discuss Conscious (circular) breathwork. Sessions can be quite intense and transformative. Oftentimes we are asked (by ourselves & guides) to go past our levels of comfort in order to reach the ‘sweet spot’ where healing occurs. This is past the mental mind, and into our energetic and spiritual selves. Sessions range from 20-90 minutes long, with a typical group session being about 45.

This style of breath work is not for everyone. I find people either love it or want nothing to do with it after their first session. You’ll never know unless you try, right? I do know from personal experience that this type of ‘work’ has the power to create massive shifts in your life. Class themes range from simple (but super important) grounding to working in the cosmic realms. That being said, each session is highly unique as well as each participants experience within it.

Breathwork does wonders for easing anxiety and sadness. It can lead to clarification and breakthroughs. I say this all from experience although each person's is quite unique.

I am happy to announce that I am now offering weekly breathwork sessions. Breathwork is a healing modality that is simple in nature yet facilitates massive shifts. You simply need a quiet space, an intention and to breathe. Air and breathing is something we may, at times take for granted, but it is so sacred, because well, life yet its healing powers are beyond what many may realize.

Weekly sessions are held virtually starting in December 2020. I will be offering pop-up sessions free of charge my person IG account - @cosmically.aligned. Private sessions are also available for a more self-focused experience. For more information and to sign up click here.

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