February 2021 Energy Forecast

Updated: Feb 10

We have made it through January, which will be one of the most intense months of 2021. As we move into February we will continue to be spiritually tested. The energies this month are not for the faint of heart. We will further be shown that we cannot hide from that which we want to run from. The energy of significant transformation increases as we journey throughout the month as well. The cosmic influences are not the gentlest by any means but have faith that at the end of it you will truly know your own strength.

We continue to be called to level up. Have you been listening? A light is shining directly on our personal and collective shadows and they cannot be ignored any longer. No more can we hide behind distractions, addictions or whatever. When we first get sober we are raw and it is at times literally painful to have to deal with life without the murky filters of whatever our drug, drink or distraction of choice was (social media, drama, etc). It is as if we have to learn how to be human again.

We are at this point collectively, now.

I know you may be tired and weery. I am too. It is really heavy at times and we may be asking when is this going to end? Isn't enough, enough? March's energies are gentler but we must go through this February initiation. This isn’t to hurt us but to wake us up so we can heal and truly evolve into our highest soul calling.

So we must learn to human with these new, unfiltered eyes. We are a bit raw but as we go forth we start to realize our strength for what we have been through. We have made it this far and there is no stopping us now.

I truly believe we are meant to be here on this planet and thrive. Of course, there are lessons to learn but I don’t believe suffering is what it is all about. I take comfort in that and I hope you will too.

The energies of this month are urging, better yet, insisting that we tend to the forgotten parts of ourselves. This may feel terrifying for some and exhilarating for others. There is no wrong way to go about this as everyone's experience is unique unto their soul path.

Along the way our faith will be tested. We will encounter issues/blockages/messengers aka triggers that will make us want to throw our hands up and quit. It’s too hard, we say. I will always be like this we say. What is the point, we ask? Maybe we tell ourselves we just don’t want to, that there's no use. The task at hand is too immense and we are too small, we may muse. This is a mental trap that's best not to fall into.We are being a gift here, whether it feels that way or not. We are being shown a way out of our pain in order to grow and thrive in an entirely new way.

I promise you though, the only way out, is to go within and through. When we arrive at the end of the current journey, with our new found clarity we will be so glad that we did not give up.

We came here as warriors of light. THIS is ascension my loves! Do not take this lightly. We are such powerful beings in a world full of ‘people’ constantly trying to prove that we are not. Do not listen to that nonsense. It’s all noise and the energy of this month is here to awaken us from that mess for once and all.

Right from the get go we are being flooded with more Aquarian energy as Venus moves into the sign on 02/01 and joins the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter. By now you are probably familiar with the themes that go along with Aquarius - technology, innovation, community and embracing your uniqueness to name a few. These themes will continue to play out in a big way for us all, for awhile.

Mercury joins the Aquarian party on 02/03 and with it new ways of both perceiving and thinking. How we communicate is about to receive a major overhaul.

Mercury has influence also over the whole month as it is retrograde until the 20th and then in a shadow period for about a week afterwards. So basically all of February is in Mercury retrograde more or less. With all of the tululmtuous energy this month it is giving us a free pass to integrate all that we have learned in 2020 and are learning in 2021. This is really a time to slow down and re-evaluate all different aspects of our lives. It’s not that Mercury is against you, quite the opposite. That being said, it is definitely not the time to initiate new projects, sign contracts or anything like that. It’s a time to go over things - think reassess, reconfigure, restructure, etc. It’s not a time to launch something new but more of a time to see where we are at and the options we have before us.

Communications may run amuck so be careful with your words and just accept that things may go haywire. Release your grip and realize things may not go smoothly and be okay with that. The universe is not against you it’s just asking you to slow down. Mercury is retrograde for almost half our lives! It’s a transit that we should definitely work with and not against. Truly a time to rest and recalibrate our systems.

The New Moon on 02/11 falls under Aquarius as well. It is giving us an opportunity to truly call in that in wish we desire, not just for the next 28 day moon cycle but on a much grander scale. As we move into the Age of Aquarius this will be especially helpful in getting clear on how we want to live our lives and who and what we want in them. How can our relationship with technology help us to come together in community? How would we like to grow from these relationships?

02/17 brings the first of three squares between Saturn and Uranus. This uncomfortable and challenging energy is all about structure shifting on a grand scale, and in a not always gentle way. It is one that rattles us awake for our ultimate healing and soul evolution in order to step into our higher calling. This energy is with us consistently as it builds, exacts and dissipates throughout the month. Basically, be as comfortable with potential change as possible. Even more so than how explosive January was. While it may not be fun, tremendous growth is possible. The next two squares between Saturn and Uranus are 06/14 and 12/24.

The Sun enters Pisces on 02/18 and Venus joins on 02/25 so we are really, really feeling into this and trying to emotionally process what we have all just gone and are, still going through. Not only are we more in touch with our emotions but our intuitve abilities will be at an all time high. This energy at times can feel murky and possibly deceptive on its bad days. Things may not be as they seem so it will be super beneficial to use all three eyes to cut through any bullshit that may show up. Tap into your creativity at this time as it will be at an all time high

On the 27th we are blessed with a Full moon in Virgo to help us to pick up the pieces of this month. This cosmic energy will assist us in removing anything that no longer has use to us, in order for us to live more efficiently. This can come in the form of a person, place or thing. If it feels stagnant, it's time to let it go. Aside from that, Virgo is a mutable sign, feminine in nature. Spending time outdoors will help to ground this energy.

There is a Grand Earth Trine with the Moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus on 02/28 offering a potentially harmonious and grounding energy. We will be especially rewarded if we’ve done the inner work. A cosmic pass to move forward in a grounded way to new frontiers is how I’d put it. It’s quite an appropriate end to the month is it not?

This month is steering us into all of the places we may want to run from at times. We will be led to them whether we kick and scream or bravely face what we need to.

We truly go from caterpillar to butterfly including all of the phases in between. By the end of the month we have the potential to reach a new level of clarity we have not experienced before. Everything won’t be figured out, no, but our strength was tested to the max and as long as we continue on, my loves, we will have passed the test.

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Whether you are really going through the ringer or are steady and holding the light for all, or a combination of the two, I am sending you a massive amount of love!!

We got this.

Xx, Amy

Key Dates

02/01 Venus Enters Aquarius joining Saturn, Jupiter and mercury

02/03 Mercury enters Aquarius

02/11 New Moon in Aquarius

02/17 Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

02/18 Sun enters Pisces

02/20 Mercury goes direct (in post shadow for a week afterwards)

02/21 Ceres enters Aries

02/25 Venus enters Pisces

02/27 Full Moon in Virgo

02/28 Grand Earth trine - Moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus

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