Full Moon in Leo

A welcome Full Moon on 01/28/21 greets us in the fun-loving and courageous sign of Leo. Allow yourself time to decompress from the adult stressors of the adult world and reconnect with your inner child.

Think back to childhood. What did you used to absolutely love doing? Come back to that today. I encourage you to seek out joy after such a long month, year, life, etc.

I feel the collective growing weary but we must carry on.

Let go of whatever bullshit is holding you back.


You do not have to carry your burdens, past traumas, anxiety, sadness, etc around with you like an overflowing suitcase or bag of rocks. Allow yourself to let something go. It doesn’t have to be everything, even one little piece is perfect. We don’t just poof and heal in a day after all.

Nothing is ever in vain, there is always meaning + knowledge to be found in the experiences whether they are challenging or beautiful.

Forgive yourself, forgive someone else and take back that power and embody it within yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself all of the ways that you are awesome and then go out and do something that mirrors that back to you.

It’s a tricky moon though, in a tricky time, so there is more to it then this.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus are squaring the Full Moon in Leo, creating a t-square of fixed signs. The possibilities of this range from full on explosion of everything in its path to an awakening of the masses for the betterment of humanity and Mother Earth. Jupiter also has its input in this as it is conjunct the Sun which is opposed by the moon 🤪 But for real, Jupiter brings the potential for good juju so let’s focus on that and at the same time be prepared for anything.

Whatever happens during this powerful day on the larger scale, remember to focus on yourself and what you personally have control of. It may not seem like much but it is everything...

....and that's the fact that we DO have control over our reactions even when it seems when everything is up. in the air.

Take one or many moments for yourself. Become still, focus on your breath, and feel into your body with it. What is lurking that needs your attention? What needs to be set free? Bring your breath right into whatever it is, and on the exhale envision it dropping into the earth. As it becomes one with the soil, it transforms into something entirely new.

And move. Move your body. Shake the shit off. You can’t take it with you. And you don’t have to, I promise you that.

You are both infinitely free and strong.

I am sending you so much love. Xx, Amy

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