July 2021 Energy Forecast

Summertime has arrived to the Northern Hemisphere and with it brings a lighter energy to what we have been experiencing so far this year. However, we are still very much in intense and transformative times. As this is written we are in Cancer season, which a deeply intuitive and penetrative time. There is an universal focus on our family, home and general feeling of security in life. 2021 in general has the theme of our believed security being shaken up with not one but three Saturn Uranus squares, one of which we just recently experienced on 06/14. The whole year is a vibe of being rattled to see how solid yet flowing we have the ability to truly be.

Neptune went rx on 06/23 and with it brought up a swimming in the abyss quality that many are now experiencing. Neptune rx tends to bring clarity to situations that had previously been clouded - but at the same time there’s this feeling of now not knowing what is true - as we realize there are many more truths playing out simultaneously than we previously realized.

July’s energy continues on the transformative theme as there are several Uranus and Pluto transits happening throughout the month. For first week and a half we’ve still got Mercury in Gemini so be sure to spend time outside, receiving and absorbing all of the available light codes. It then heads into Cancer where we can properly discern and shift through all of the information we gathered and from there, integrate it into our home-bodies.

We reside in the season of Cancer through a good portion of the month. The focus is on our home life, our family and security. It does not like to be messed with and will certainly snap back if provoked - yet, this energy is deeply emotional, and highly intuitive, not just reactionary.

We then venture into Leo season on the 22nd and passions begin flare in a big way. For the Northern Hemisphere it’s a shift into wanting to let loose and enjoy ourselves yet the transits and energy they bring will not always “allow” it to be so easy going. It’s not that it’s a decidedly un-fun Summer by any means but there is work to be done and the tests become more challenging as we level up. There are many lessons to learn and tests to be taken in 2021 and July is quite full of them. That being said, it‘s true that we create our own reality and what we see on the outside is a reflection of the inner. We’ve got to ask ourselves on a personal (and collective) level, at what point is enough enough? From there we exit victim-ville and are able finally choose to step into our master manifesting abilities. It’s as simple as deciding to reprogram ourselves rather than allowing an outer source do the job.

If we have learned anything this year, it is that the energy will continue to build and mount, and we must find ways to heal and regulate our nervous systems. We come to a point where we realize no one is going to save us, for we are our own saviors as we are each expressions of Sophia/Source/God. This energy is not going away, nothing is going back to normal and nor should it. The shadows of the world will continue to revealed in order to be integrated. The hard pill to swallow is we are the shadow as we are connected to everything. We are the gray, we are the light, we are all, everything at once expressing itself in all ways.

This is a time to stay focused on the present and the possibilities ahead, but not in an anxiety ridden type of way. This is a month to truly begin to become a master of our destiny. Treat July as a key master class of your life. This is the time to finally, and truly become unfuckablewith. Remember my loves, you are timeless and have infinite possibilities at the tips of your fingertips. It is a time to remember who the fuck we are. Like really, really, truly.

The dress rehersal is over.

Let’s dive into key dates for the month ahead...

On 7/5 the Sun in Cancer forms a sextile with Uranus in Taurus. Shake ups arrive in order for mega upgrades to come in, especially surrounding our home, family and finances.

We have a New Moon in Cancer on the 10th which opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is going to be a potentially intense day for us all. It’s a good day to focus on home and family and set intentions surrounding those themes. Emotions will be high during this time and especially with the Pluto aspect, change is afoot. We just might begin to realize just how far some have gone to shield our eyes from the truth. Our security may feel rattled as we get closer to truths being revealed through Pluto (and Uranus).

On the 11th Mercury departs Gemini and enters into Cancer. Our communications move from our mental bodies into more of an intuitive type of way within our emotional bodies. We are being called to master our emotions, hone our intuition and trust it beyond any mental chatter of the mind. This is a powerful time so let’s make good use of it.

Chiron begins its retrogradation on the 15th in the sign of Aries. It’s a time to go over the lessons of our wounds that have been brought up recently. It’s an overview of sorts of the shadow work we have done thus far. It’s a time of integration, and a bit of rest from the deep work done while the asteroid was in forward motion.

On the 17th we have a Sun Pluto opposition that brings some intense energy. We may feel the strong desire to change yet some critical piece of information is being blocked. No worries... information will be revealed in due time. Pluto always delivers.

Venus enters Virgo on the 21st and with it comes a bit of serious energy, devotion to the craft of choice and precision in thought and action. It’s not the most romantic of placements but good for getting our lives and especially our finances, into order.

The very next day the Sun moves in Leo and brings with it heightened passion and a lightheartedness that is so enjoyable. May we all experience the courage to shine bright during this time and carry it even beyond Leo season.

We’ve got a Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th. Themes surrounding autonomy, independence, and going against the grain may come up. It’s a time to release that which binds us while calling in some semilense of unity within the collective.

On the 27th Mercury enters Leo. With this shift of energy brings a playfulness to our conversations, and the air of bravery to speak up for who we are, and what we believe in.

Mars enters Virgo on the 29th. Our actions become more productive and precise during this time. We become more efficient, direct and strive for perfection within our actions.

The last day of the month brings a square between a Taurus Moon and Leo Sun. The Moon is asking us to behave from a emotionally calm and grounded place instead of simply roaring through life. Balance is key between stability and leading a vivacious existence. We CAN have both.

July is an intuitive, deeply passionate month that eagerly wants to be experienced through a myriad of feelings. This month is full of what feels like blocks and then jumps in leaps and bounds. It’s full of potential frustration followed by advancements to uncharted experiences of existence. As previously mentioned, it is very much of series of tests. Will we give up when the going gets tough or will we continue on, and pass with flying colors?

As one of my mentors says, you will always receive proof of what you believe to be true. Do you believe this is a benevolent world? Do you believe you need to be led or do you believe you are sovereign and strong? Do you believe love is our natural state or a fleeting feeling? Do you believe this battle is hopeless or do you know we will win? If you’re the latter, which I believe you are if you are reading this, it is time to RISE and rise with gusto. Are you in?

July is a very active month for the cosmos and this is but an overview of the days ahead. For more detailed and daily energy updates please subscribe to my free Telegram channel here.

With love, xx, Amy

Key Dates

07/05 Sun sextile Uranus

07/10 New Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto

07/11 Mercury enters Cancer

07/15 Chiron begins rx in Aries

07/17 Sun opposite Pluto

07/21 Venus enters Virgo

07/22 Sun enters Leo

07/24 Full Moon in Aquarius

07/27 Mercury enters Leo

07/29 Mars enters Virgo

07/31 Moon square Sun

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