May 2021 Energy Forecast

Hello Beauties!

There is much in store for us both personally and collectively as we enter into the month of May. There is so.much.going.on. We’ve got more retrogrades happening as Saturn and Mercury join Pluto and Eclipse season kicks off. The month has very intense energy in the time leading up to the eclipse portal which ends in June 10th 6:53am edt followed by the second Saturn/Uranus square of the year on 06/14.

That being said, the energy for May feels a bit lighter than what we experienced in April, March and well, every month so far this year. April was a month to ground the new energies brought in with the Equinox and Aries season and the first part of May is as well. We were shown places within our energy (all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and our lives where there may have been misalignment that needed our attention. There was a bit of a nagging feeling to April as if we wanted to get ahead but perhaps we weren’t quite ready or where we thought we were supposed to be. If we worked with the energies instead of fighting against them we will have made great strides along in our journeys. It still may not appear that way in the physical yet we must trust we are moving forward nontheless. Everything is right on time despite what our minds tells us is right or wrong #divinetiming

Discord abounds in the collective yet the energy of Taurus season is incredibly helpful to us in order to bring forth a sense of grounding and connection to Mother Earth Gaia. Perhaps we were shown room for growth in areas where we may have grown stubborn, stifled or scared to transform. We learn, we choose and we grow - it is all about perspective and our willingness to trust, have faith and yet move forward on our own accord, in sovereignty.

In the Northern hemisphere the days are getting long as the temperatures rise. All around we see signs of life from the trees, plants, flowers, etc. There is hope after a long Winter. It’s a time to commune with the Earth and her inhabitants. Getting back to nature is a key for it holds all the answers one could ever need. Much of everything else is just noise (suggested reading - Earth Speaks by Barbara Marciniak) We make our way from the earth plane to the mental plane, welcoming Gemini season on the 20th of the month. The twins are here to show us both sides to the story and to help shake us up from any mental complacency we may find ourselves residing in.

We also have more opportunity to shed our skin so to speak as we enter the Spring Eclipse portal at the end of the month followed by a Grand Water Trine to truly create healthy flow and momentum. By now we should all be able to see and hopefully accept that we will continue to face more changes as we journey through the massive shift happening on the planet. We may want to run, we may ask why the F did I choose to incarnate at this time when things get particularly wild yet the only way *out* is through and to be steady, within. The beauty of Taurus energy lies in its ability to remain stable so let us embody this into our fields as we journey towards and into Gemini season and beyond, much like we alchemized the energy that Aries season brought in, in March and April.

On the 3rd, Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini (shared with Virgo), leading to a sharpness of thought. Our minds may race with all types of probabilities and possibilities. Allow yourself mental stimulation yet remember to balance with some type of meditation or down time to give your brain a necessary rest.

On the 6th we have Venus forming a trine with Pluto and with it brings the energy of necessary change within our relationships and finances. It’s not to be a scary thing, this is good fortune, allow it to enter your life in order to level up.

Just two days later Venus enters Gemini bring in the desire, the need to communicate with our lovers, there is quality within our words. Venus in Gemini is quite flirtatious in nature and we may find ourselves rather curious if you catch my drift.

On the 9th we have an Aries Moon square Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions will be charged up - Aries says enough is enough!

On the 11th there is a New Moon in Taurus. This is a powerful time to call in that stability I keep mentioning. It behooves us both personally and collectively to tap into this powerful energy as it will help us for a while to come. This is a grounding yet sensual time. What beauty beckons to be called into your life?

On the 13th Jupiter leaves Aquarius where it has been for quite a few months and enters into Pisces. We are being called to go within and expand from the inside out during this time.

A fair *warning* that Mercury is entering its shadow period as it begins to slowdown preparing for retrogradation on 05/14. This time is a great deal similar to actual regrade so proceed with caution. It’s not a “bad” thing but simply a time to begin to prepare slow down in our lives for a bit.

On the 17th we have the Taurus Sun trining Pluto in Capricorn. With this energy much may be illuminated. Pluto does not play around, ever.

Gemini season begins on the 20th!! With it brings this beautiful inquisitive and mentally stimulating energy. It’s flirtatious and fun yet has so much depth to it.

On the 23rd Saturn begins its retrogradation in Aquarius until October 11th. This is a great time to re-evaluate our social structures, our place within them and figure out what it is we want out of them. Themes surrounding restriction and career may come up as well. The task is to go with the energy and not fight it. All the answers you seek are available to you within.

A beautiful Grand Water Trine including a Scorpio Moon, Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces occurs on the 25th. Creativity, emotional depth, intuition, movement and even some luck are available to us in a massive way within this transit. This energy will be felt especially on this day but also the surrounding ones as well.

On the 26th we officially begin Eclipse season with a Full Moon in Sagittarius + Total Lunar Eclipse. The energy here feels like a dam overflowing. Our minds may feel like they have reached maximum capacity and there must be some sort of release. We are being implored to expand beyond our barriers mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically whether they are self imposed or enforced by another person or group.

To cap off the month Mercury officially begins its retrograde season on the 29th. It’s a much needed time to slow down especially as the chaos swirls around us. A time to re-asses the situation and gather strength for the next leg of the journey.

May is a really beautiful month full of opportunities to integrate and level up. With it will come the desire to push forward yet it’s important to be mindful of the the retrogrades happening (Saturn, Pluto and Mercury). We will most likely feel the nudge of Mercury’s the most because of its proximity to us yet they are all powerful in their own, unique way. We have the eclipse and then the retrograde - it may lead to us feeling like we are being held back but it will benefit us to think of it as cosmic protection. We are being held in this retrograde space in order to assimilate to the changes that have occurred within us. The eclipse portal closes on the 11th of June and then right after we have the second Saturn Uranus square - so it’s for sure a time to hold steady amidst the madness.

I cannot stress enough the importance of grounding the energy of Taurus into ourselves as we head towards the end of the month Meditate, commune with nature, stay away from substances, hydrate, eat organic, do breath work, move your body. Write, sing, and most importantly, don’t forget to laugh. And always remember, you are a beautiful and divine expression of Source.

We truly are moving from cocoon to butterflies - yet our wings are still wet and we need a bit more time to dry them off, to acclimate to our newly realized selves. Still in a time of unknown, it’s a matter of choosing, with faith, to move forward no matter what. I promise, we got this. We were born for this. It’s an incredibly potent time as we wake up to what we truly are - divinely powerful and limitless beyond measure.

I am sending you my love!! Xx, Amy

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Key Dates

3 Mercury enters Gemini

6 Venus trine Pluto

8 Venus enters Gemini

9 Aries Moon square Pluto

11 New Moon in Taurus, 2:58pm edt

13 Jupiter enters Pisces

14 Pre-shadow period begins for Mercury rx

17 Sun trine Pluto

20 Sun enters Gemini

23 Saturn begins retrogradation in Aquarius

25 Grand water trine of Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces

26 Total Lunar Eclipse/Full moon in Sagittarius 7:14am edt

29 Mercury begins retrogradation in gemini

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