The Great Conjunction + Winter Solstice

The Great Conjunction has arrived. Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degrees Aquarius and their energies come together. This is the closest both planets have been since 1623. And it is a merging of expansion (Jupiter), order (Saturn) and innovation (Aquarius) as we step into the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of technology, community, and the internet. We as humans are consistently advancing technology, needing to always go further and beyond. What has been made possible is enough to make anyone dizzy. Science! We place so much power in it, and rightfully so. I wonder though, what if we were to step into OUR innate technology within, and truly awaken to how powerful we are as creators?

When we look back to ancient times we see that their technology was incredibly advanced. Yet there is always this question that they were somehow lacking in technology because we cannot wrap around our minds and explain how it was done. It’s somehow ‘simple’ because it came before us. Have you considered that perhaps AI is actually ancient and that we have experienced this all before?

In any case, today and moving forward we have extraordinary cosmic assistance to step into our super powers. As we step into the element of air (Aquarius) breathwork will be a key to help facilitate the unlocking and strengthening of your powers. What are yours, beautiful soul?

Let us remember that WE are the technology that we seek.

We also find ourselves at the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day the year. It is a time for contemplation and it’s clear we have a lot to think over, personally and collectively. It’s a time of contraction (Saturn) and rest. We clear space with-in and with-out to make room for the new we want to expand (Jupiter) into.

We move through now moments in stages, in eras, in ages. Today energies pour, allowing us an exquisite opportunity to activate-integrate and elevate. A true leveling up is in order and readily accessible. The new earth is at our fingertips. May we come together in unity consciousness to bring about peace, love and unity. May we birth and actualize innovations to bring us together in harmony, for the benefit of all.

I am sending all of my love to you!



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