January 2021 Energy Forecast

The first month of 2021 will be quite illuminating. It is full of strong transits/aspects that are demanding we awaken to our most authentic selves. The time for just going along with life, being in a state of indifference, is over. 2020 helped many shift into this awareness but there are still many that have chosen to stay asleep (consciously or otherwise), in their self perceived comfort. This month we are being shown in a quite frankly radical way that things MUST evolve. We are being called to shed that which does not serve us and reclaim our sovereignty.

We are going to be shown our fracture points in a very direct way. It may not be comfortable but have faith that this is necessary. When light it shown onto these places we are then able to heal and rebuild. We do not have to live a miserable or stagnant existence and the cosmic energy of January is showing us a way out.

After a long stint in it’s home sign of Aries, Mars moves into Taurus, bringing in a much different vibe. Taurus - earthy, homey, luxurious, a bit stubborn and chill af until they explode is now residing at the planet of passion, war and aggression.

We are still growing used to the Aquarian energies after the Great Conjunction on 12/21/20 and we will be further enmeshed in them as Mercury enters Aquarius along with Saturn and Jupiter. On 02/01 Venus joins the group as well. It’s interesting to note that all Mercury retrogrades will be in Air signs this year after being in water in 2020. So we move from emotional ways of thinking into more of a mental space. This will help us to not be so attached to our feelings and think more clearly from a mental perspective. The key here is balance as we should take what we learned in from the emotionally driven water signs and bring it into the present.

Venus enters Capricorn on 01/08 and brings in the energy of creating order in love, money and beauty.

The conjunctions happening between Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter on 01/10 and 01/11 will help us to better understand the Aquarian energies that have been ushered in. Triple conjunctions are quite rare. This is BIG energy. Mercury is the planet of communication so expect some big news surrounding these dates. I am feeling it’s more on a collective level but anything is possible. Keep all eyes open, including your 3rd.

The New Moon in Capriorn on the 13th will further this energy as it is conjunct Pluto, in Cap as well. I cannot say this enough. This energy is highly combustible. A new way of being wants to come in through this newmoon and Pluto will facilitate via any means necessary. It’s a feeling of enough is enough and we are making a change and we are doing it NOW.

The very next day Uranus (in Taurus) goes direct. With this comes the energy of breakthroughs. Just be careful not to have a breakdown in the process. This again, is like enough is enough, I am tired of the collective bullshit and ready to make a change (personally and especially collectively).

On the 15th the Sun squares Pluto. We are being shown in a clear way what works and what does not within the structures of our lives. Both the dark and light of Pluto will be illuminated by the I AM presence of the Sun.

Around the 16th Mercury slows down and begins its pre-shadow period. Mercury retrograde officially starts on 01/31. It goes direct on 02/21 followed by about two week post-shadow period. The entire process will be about 8-9 weeks long.

That second and into the third week of January are going to be one for the books. Grounding, spending time in nature and self-care are essential.

On the 20th the Sun enters Aquarius, hooray! It feels like we are truly moving on from the oftentimes stern energies of Capricorn that we have been with for quite some time. This shift brings in the energy of unity consciousness, innovation and so much more.

On the 21st Mars is conjunct with Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus. It’s the first time since 1942. These two planets are also squaring Jupiter and in a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith. This feels to me like…when someone is poking you and doesn’t stop. At first, maybe it's playful and funny, then annoying and then, if they don't stop disrespecting your personal space, explosion! This is where we are at, we are done being poked and ready to burst out.

On the 24th the Sun is conjunct Saturn at 4 degrees Aquarius and we are being called to begin something - a project, a course, etc. New opportunities abound.

The 28th brings a Full Moon in Leo, hooray! It is a wonderful time develop (or continue to) a relationship with your inner child. Release/integrate charge and have some fun in that new found freedom.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 9 degrees Aquarius on the 29th. This is asking us what we have learned from 2020 and how shall we use that information to expand into our highest self for the upcoming year?

We are moving full force into the Age of Aquarius. This month truly has a move or be dragged vibe to it. It will help in a massive way to be as grounded as possible. I hope you’ve done your shadow work home work. Aries remains in Chiron through the month - with the emphasis being on self healing. The first week of January is a great time to do some inner child/shadow work to help prepare for the rest of the month.

All of this information can be daunting, I get it but it's not all doom and gloom. Ultimately it is freeing!! What does freedom look like to you? What does it feel like? Let that be your guide through this month.

Have faith that this is pretty much the most astrologically intense month of the year. When we have a better understanding of the cosmic energies at play we are better able to work with them and not against them. This energy is helping us to make changes when sometimes we would rather remain comfortably uncomfortable. When we are able to face our fears and change what needs to be changed we are shown our strength of spirit. No more do we seek someone to come save us. We realize that we are our own heroes and that in and of itself is so completely empowering. We become an unstoppable force of good that has faced their shadows and lived to tell the story.

Some of these transits are not something to fear but more to prepare for because there is work to do. Again, we are being shown what needs to go and needs to go now. There is a beautiful life waiting for us (or already existing on a different timeline) that is just past our wounds. Let us embrace change, transform and become illuminated as we journey into the new earth. Hint - it’s a vibration, not a place.

As we come deeper into the Aquarian energy now is a great time to reach out to likeminded individuals, create communities and stay connected.

These are some of the highlights for the month but there is much, much more going on! I write daily, detailed energy updates in my Telegram channel, Cosmically Aligned. Sign up for that here.

I also lead weekly, virtual breathwork sessions to help navigate through these wild times we find ourselves in. Sign up here.

I am sending you so much love!!

Xx, Amy

Key Transits*

01/06 - Mars enters Taurus

01/08 - Mercury enters Aquarius

01/13 - New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Cap

01/14 - Uranus (in Taurus) goes direct

01/15 - Mercury retrograde shadow period begins

01/20 - Sun enters Aquarius

01/21 - Mars conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus (first time since 1942)

01/28 - Full Moon in Leo

01/31 - Mercury goes retrograde

*There are A LOT of strong planetary aspects happening this month, so stay tuned to my daily posts for the most up-to-date cosmic energies.

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