June 2021 Energy Forecast

Hello my loves and welcome to June. We enter this month in the midst of an eclipse portal where it seems that truly anything is possible. This energy is not stable by any means and it is safe to say it’s helpful to be as comfortable with change as possible. This is not a negative thing by any means. Where there is no change, there is no growth. Yet, in order to not feel like a total rag doll it’s imperative that we are grounded within ourselves yet open to an infinite number of possibilities. What is to come in the future? No one knows and there are countless timelines playing out for us to align to.

So, we may not know exactly what the future holds yet we have the power within ourselves to align with what we wish to see play out/materialize. Now more than ever our thoughts hold the key to manifesting that which with we seek and manifestation happens rapidly so be extra mindful of your thoughts. When we are in tune with our emotions we are able to know what frequency we are currently on and from there we can course correct our thoughts to shift the energy as needed.

We currently have Saturn, Mercury and soon Jupiter + Neptune all retrograde making this a time to reflect and reassess the way we process energy, the ways in which we are in or out of alignment and how we live our lives in general. Each planet of course has unique themes. With Saturn retrograde, there are issues surrounding karma, self disclipine, work and career. Mercury rx deals with all things communications and travel. And with Jupiter rx we may find ourselves traveling down detours and course corrects, in order to get a new perspective on where we are at on our journey. Instead of expanding out, Jupiter rx asks that we begin to expand on the inner level, focusing more on ourselves than the outer world which it usually loves for us to explore. Neptune retrograde actually brings more clarity and revelations where things were once clouded.

The entire month, and truthfully the entire rest of the year will be influenced by the energies surrounding the Saturn rx square with Uranus on 06/14. This is the second one, the first was back in February. It is unstable, at times volatile energy that brings massive change. This especially relates to all things governments, corporations, big tech, big media, pharma, the literal structure of our government, etc. Know you, super casual stuff.

On the 20th we have the Summer Solstice which brings forth beautiful energies. Things are new and fresh, and possibilities are endless. Envision the world you wish to reside in and watch it grow.

The 20th also brings a movement from our mental bodies into our emotional bodies as the Sun departs Gemini and enters Cancer. The shift in energy will be felt in a big way as we are being asked to take stock in how we have been processing everything we have gone through so far this year. The focus also shifts into things related to our homes, our families and loved ones.

There is even more in store so let's dive in...

On the 2nd Venus joins Mars as it enters the constellation of Cancer. With this shift we will see more nurturing, empathic, intuitive and deeply devoted energy.

On the 4th Mars comes into an opposition with Pluto. Transits involving Pluto tend to bring about an unearthing of sorts and much needed change. With Mars currently in Cancer we may see necessary shifts within our emotional bodies. There is much potential here if we choose to work with this intense yet life changing energy.

The partial solar eclipse and new moon takes place on the 10th at 19 degrees Gemini. It is a powerful time to reinvent the way we think and communicate with others. From this newly empowered place we are able to name and draw in what we seek.

The very next day Mars enters Leo. This is a fiery combination that demands attention. With it comes confidence and a possibility of being a bit too boisterous. Yet it is here that we can shine, embrace our inner child and experience joy. And not just in thought or theory but literal joy in action.

On the 14th, we come to the exact square between Saturn rx and Uranus. If we look back to the energy of February we will get an idea of the chaos yet we are not going back but moving forward. This energy brings upheaval in order to up-level. It’s quite the dance, but think - less ballroom, more mosh pit.

On the 20th in the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the Summer Solstice. The Sun is at its highest point relative to the celestial equator and it is our longest day of the year here in the US. This is a powerful day receive downloads from the Sun. There is much new data and clarity available to us at this time. It is the ultimate day to honor life, growth and the beauty of the earthly experience.

Jupiter begins its retrogradation on the 20th as well and with this shift of energy we focus more on inner transformation rather than outer for the time being. During this time we are better able to see if there are any places within that we need to attend to before the next leg of our transformative journey.

And last but certainly not least the Sun enters into the constellation of Cancer. Our empathic and intuitive natures are highlighted at this time as we step more into our hearts and feelings rather than our brains and egos. There is so much going on this month (definitely an understatement), we've got to be sure to take extra care of our emotional bodies. Self care and boundaries are even more important than normal as during this time we may be more prone to taking on others' energy.

On the 22nd Mercury is back direct! Before we start jumping on new projects and making big decisions - we are still in the post shadow phase for about another week. It’s a time to integrate the lessons of the retrograde and get our ducks in order so to speak before forging ahead.

The Sun in Gemini forms a trine with Jupiter on the 23rd, making for a very lucky day! Even though Jupiter rx, we have the Sun shining it’s I AM presence and expanding on Jupiter’s vibes. A day like this is when we will be shown the fruits of our labor, our beauty and how bright we really do shine.

The next day Venus forms an opposition to Pluto. Again, Pluto transits bring about possibility for big transformation. Be on the look out for building shifts in the areas of love, money and security/home life. Chances are that we will already feel them coming as Venus makes its way through Cancer.

No only do we have a Pluto opposition but the 24th brings a Full moon in Capricorn as w. This energy may bring big reveals about what we think we knew about the powers that be. Within this time we are able to release any expectations revolving around the government, and big business and how we may have thought they were or pretended to be.

On the 25th Neptune begins retrogradation in Pisces where it’ll be until December 1st. During this time Neptune’s veil will be lifted, allowing us to see more clearly. The rose colored glasses fall away and we begin to see the reality of life for what it is, not just what we had dreamed for. Harsh? Perhaps, we when we are able to see more clearly what is really going on, we are then able to see what we really need to live in a way that is more loving, peaceful and kind.

Venus enters Leo on the 27th and brings with it some much needed fun in relationships. Think dramatic displays of love and affection. Joy resides here.

To cap off the month, on the 30th there is an opposition between Mars and Saturn. This energy leads to a butting of heads as Mars wants to proceed forward and Saturn is putting the kabosh on that. It’s not for forever though, nothing really ever is, as everything is always shifting, changing and transforming.

Okay my loves, as you can see it is a rather active month in the cosmos. Yes, there are many strong influences coming from cosmos but we do not have to let them rule us. Instead, let them act as guides for the betterment of ourselves, the collective, our planet and universe.

We are sovereign beings and we are continuously being called to realize this and step into our divine power. In my personal experience, the more challenging times in my life were when I truly began to step into who I was meant to be. It was through the difficult and trying experiences that I realized how strong I really was. It did not happen when things were easy as I was comfortable yet always wondered if I was meant for more. This is what we are personally and collectively stepping into and through to get to the 'other side' so to speak.

It helps to remember that we are not alone in this experience. Yes, we are sovereign and have unique experiences, this is true, yet we are all an expression of Source no matter our opinions or backgrounds. This is a time to continue to come together with our soul family like never before. I promise they are out there seeking you as much as you are seeking them. Shine your lights and they will be received.

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I am sending you so much love! Xx, Amy

Key Dates

2 Venus enters Cancer

4 Mars opposition to Pluto

10 Partial solar eclipse + new moon in Gemini

11 Mars enters Leo

14 Saturn rx in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

20 Jupiter rx + Sun enters Cancer at 11:32pm edt + Summer Solstice

22 Mercury direct

23 Sun trine Jupiter

24 Full Moon in Capricorn and Venus opposition to Pluto

25 Neptune in Pisces rx

27 Venus enters Leo 12:27am

30 Mars in opposition to Saturn

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